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Local Information
Lat: 10.666670 x Lon: 122.950002
Area: 162.67 sq km (62.81 sq mi)
Calling Code: + (6334)
Currency: Philippine peso
Population: (est) 499,497
Official Language: Tagalog
Other Spoken Languages: Finnish
Time Zone: GMT +8

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The Revolutionary Markers  
Bacolod city and the famous occidental and witnessed most of the historic battles and paid by katipunros. The basic idea behind revolutionary markers is to keep the history alive in people’s mind. These markers can be seen as magalona and bago. All the forms are located 13 miles away from Bacolod city. Magalona can be reached in 9 miles. Most of the markers choose the area and mark depending upon numerous consequences, one among them is if any area is the place where the fight took place between Spaniards and Filipinos. There are other markers which commemorate battles against Americans.

The Patag Valley Trekking  
Trekking must be experienced by all the tourists with ultimate delight. The patag valley is sandwiched between mount silay and mount marapara, it is more than 640 feet above sea. As the trekking goes to peaks tourist can enjoy cool weather breeze and soothing sounds of birds. All these sounds accompany the trekking people. There are equal chances to jump into deer which is the native place of Philippines. All the tourists who visit Bacolod must visit patag valley once for trekking.

The Capitol Building  
This building is located in Bacolod city and it has variety of purposes. Any visitor who visited capitol building will be mesmerized with its design. Tourists will have no clue how the design and architecture done. This building is the influence of many other buildings located in Bacolod. Capitol Building was used by Japanese army for their needs and operations. During the war all Japanese army managed activities from this building. Capitol building is heavenly followed by the architecture of Neo Classical.

The Church of Talisay
Bacolod is a place where numerous churches located. Occidential in Bacolod city is famous for churches; one famous church among them is church of talisay. It is located around 4 miles from the Bacolod city and church is the reason for helifone residence, Holifena is one of the exceptional renowned houses in province. Holifena is the place which is known by all the tourists because of collection of art pieces. These are not just art pieces but works of most famous figures in Philippines history. Not only historic and artistic creation but also local and modern beauty can be found in church of Talisayot.

Bacolod Golf and Country Club
Celestino tugot is the famous golfer in Philippines. This club was designed by him with intellectual design for all the aspiring golfers in the place. The course will have flexibility to learn all the skills in golf and taught by those who are exceptional the field of golf. Unlike other clubs Bacolod golf having terms and conditions, if any golfer wish to play must be referred by existing member. This club is just 15 minutes away from Bacolod city and fee varies from weekday to weekends. On weekends or holidays feel will be quite high.

Climbing Mt. Kanlaon
It is one of uppermost peaks in whole Philippines particularly in Bacolod City growing to 2,465 meters on its peak. The mountain choice of Kanlaon would be a quite challenging to climb. Upright rock walls, crevices put in to the complexity of endeavor.

Apart from rough climb, the vivacious scenery and tropical forest, and more over beautiful waterfalls become encouraging rewards, Because of all these strengths Mt Kanlaon attracting the entire popular tourists. Mt. Kanlaon National Park support trails which heads up to mountain’s maximum peak. Tourists who wish to go up to the summit are requested to take the appropriate gears and check everything is perfect before taking place the trail.

Target Shooting
Target shooting is one of the famous activities among other activities in Bacolod. Not only tourists but also locals prefer to shoot a lot. There are numerous clubs in Bacolod city, Tourists can join and enjoy the entertainment of shooting. Target shooting is one of the wee loved games in the city; it has got same number of players as one can see for golf, bowling and tennis etc. If a tourist wants to experience the challenging activities, Target shooting is the best option. Target shooting has levels, choose the level which suits to tourist and play.

Gaming at Casino Filipino
Casino Filipino is located in commercial complex at Golden Fields; it is one of the famous gambling games in the Bacolod City Casino Filipino has lot of other games in but Casino has got huge fans, The game goes tough between tourists and locals. Despite other games casino is the game played by many locals and majority of the tourists. Tourists and locals play entire night, the lights and sounds take you to the peaks of suspense. It is one of the ways tourist spends most of their time to entertain themselves. One big con about this game is, it is addictive. Tourists must realize about their budget and time, else everything will be lost.

Victorias Milling Co.
As Everyone knows Bacolod is the famous city for sugar; it can be called as sugar land. All the tourists realize the facts behind sugar city after seeing Victoria’s Milling Co. All the tourists will understand how big sugar contribution from Bacolod by seeing Milling Co. It is founded in 1900 and since then it played vital role as sugar milling firm with most efficient and modern mechanism. Tourists must visit Victoria’s to experience earlier levers of sugar industry.

Mambukal Mountain Resort
Mountain Resort is located in Murcia. It is one of the famous sight stealer for all the tourists as well as for locals. Apart from excellent sight view, tourists prefer this place is because of the food available and ambience is quite soothing and relaxing as well. Tourist feels the place as if they are communicating with nature. Watching birds and taking bath are the most aspiring activities in this resort. If one feeling workload and stressed with life, Mambukal Mountain resort is the perfect place to relax and unwind.

Orange Gallery
Orange gallery is full of ingenious artistic creations. Bacolod city is full of arts and Orange gallery is one among them which gives the glimpse of its traditions. Bacolod city has tremendous response from the entire tourists visit the gallery. Art pieces are work done with brilliant minds and can be owned with lesser price. It is located in Lacson Street and before Lopue’s Mandalagan. It is well famous for its rich and elegant display of art pieces from artists who are locals. Tourist definitely mesmerizes with the artistic pieces showcased at the gallery. It is a must visit for tourist.

Negros Occidental Sports and Recreational Park
It is located in the centre of Negros; if you are a sports person it takes more than 7 days to come out of this recreational park. It is not like simple parks which we come across with. It is constructed in 60 acres. This park is home for all the sport people who like to swim jump football and what not. The truth is International football leagues happen here. Swimming pool is huge. This park has huge stadium, the swimming pool is of Olympic size. Recreational Park is built with international standards. Negros Occidental Sports and Recreational Park is one of the primary attractions to sightsee for all the tourists.

Salas Park
Salas Park is one where tourist will communicate with nature, the birds and the sounds are amazing. This park must be visited at night. Tourist will enjoy all the precious nature spots in park. It is located near Mambukal Mountain Resort. One can find the rare birds in the park. Taking to a guide will help tourist to experience all the exotic moments including zigzag rides. Really the zigzag roads give awesome experience to travelers on the way to waterfalls and old pines.

Christmas Village
Bacolod is conducting numerous activities which make tourists addicted. Travellers love to engage in the seasonal sightseeing’s. Like in Christmas, the eve has to be there around. Because of the Christmas village Philippines looks damn beautiful. Travellers are not required to visit art galleries for the collection, Christmas village displays all the figurines and other traditional art pieces, and it is located in San Juan Street. This village showcases amazing mountains cliffs and lakes. This village has its own values. Tourists must close their camera as the capturing photos are prohibited and all the donations made by tourists will reach to charities.

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